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Know How RO-DBT Therapy in US Helps in Over Control

Have you ever thought about how far people who are perfectionist can go?...And how many feel lonely even after accomplishing so much...


  • DBT is more common than RO-DBT. Many of you might be thinking of what is RO-DBT. Let us define first what is RO-DBT. The full form of RO-DBT is Radically Open Dialectical Behavior Therapy. This is a bit different from Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT). It is a talking therapy of 30 weeks long. RO-DBT therapy is mainly aimed at overcontrolled people. Now the thing is how you will know if you are overcontrolled or not. I can tell you some characteristics of overcontrolled people, such as: • Prone to detailing • Intolerant about mistakes • Don’t appreciate new things • Avoids taking any risk • Likes to pre-plan everything • Don’t get impressed easily • Being sensitive

These are the overall signs of being overcontrolled. Overcontrolled people have trouble communicating with others. They can be isolated for their behavior. They also feel anxiety, chronic depression due to their over-controlled behavior. Now I will be discussing how RO-DBT is going to help to improve their mental health.


“Stop trying to calm the storm, calm yourself, and the storm will pass”

The Ways RO-DBT Treats Overcontrolled People

Through RO-DBT the psychologist will help the overcontrolled people to connect with others often and decrease their loneliness in the process. The therapy will approach in three ways.

Connection and Intimacy

By recognizing others’ emotions and by expressing your own emotions, you can connect with people. But the overcontrolled people lack in this department and due to that, they can’t get any intimacy from anyone. With RO-DBT therapy in the US, they will learn these skills and will be rewarded with healthy relationships.

Openness and Receptivity

Over controlled people aren’t open to feedback. They kind of find it threatening and challenging, as they are the perfectionist. Also, every one of us doesn’t like this “know it all” attitude. You need to be open to constructive criticisms and feedbacks. With RO-DBT therapy in the US, they will learn to take the criticism as it is and not like they are being judged.


You can’t control everything in your life. You need to be adaptive to live the fullest. But overcontrolled people have trouble to do that. In that process, they only get internally terrorized and feel anxiety, depression, etc. The RO-DBT therapy in the US will teach them to be more accepting and flexible towards the changes they will face in their life.

Now if you are looking for some help to get rid of social isolation due to your over-controlled attitude, then you can contact us. At Spero Counselling we provide online therapy using RODBT for individuals and couples. Learn more.

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