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3 Things to Know Before Pursuing EMDR Online Therapy

Did you ever considered doing EMDR online? Here some things that you can think before engaging in EMDR Therapy online

Online EMDR or Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing treatment is proven more effective than face-to-face therapy. The patients will feel more at ease through online treatment, as they won’t have to travel to another place. They can have their treatment at home, where they will feel most comfortable. Even they won’t have to face the continuous staring of the therapist. They won’t feel like someone is constantly invading their personal space. They will be able to share everything they want to.

Here let me enlighten you with some benefits of EMDR online therapy.

• More effective than any other therapy.
• You can take the therapy where you will feel comfortable.
• The timing of the therapy is flexible, continue when you are free.
• Don’t need to travel after taking the intensive therapy.
• Online EMDR therapy is easily accessible.

There are some things you need to know before you start to take EMDR online therapy. Here we are going to discuss them.

The Things You Should Know Before Going for EMDR Online Therapy.

Sometimes it can be a little shocking for you how the therapist will "manipulate" your mind with this new type of therapy. But you can give your fear and anxiety a rest as the trained therapist know their job very well. They will help you to get over from your mental and emotional disorder and help to get back in your life. Knowing if the therapist is trained with a #EMDRIA approved course is important as their level of quality is superior to others training places.

Triggering Strong Emotions

“You can look at a scar and see hurt or you can look at scar and see healing” (S.Reynolds)

Recalling the unwelcomed experience can bring extreme emotions. It can start from fear then stress, at last, you will feel panic. Your therapist will expect all that, so no need for hesitation in showing your emotions.

Stimulating Dual Attention with EMDR Online Therapy

To keep up with all things Wix, including website building tips and interesting articles, head The therapist will use bilateral stimulation in this therapy. They will use lights, computer software such as #DuoAttention or hand-held buzzers to induce dual attention. It might seem silly at first but is very effective.

Wondering Thoughts

Sometimes you will think about the current situation and the incidents that were back in your mind during the therapy. That is also very normal in EMDR online therapy.

EMDR therapy is one of the best as it will try to address all of your issues regarding your mental health and emotions. Some will describe it as your memories are playing in front of your eyes one by one. It will help you to heal from the damage that has been done. It would be best if you looked for professionals to take the therapy. At Spero Counseling, we treat our patients with RO-DBT and EMDR online treatment in the UK and USA to help them get over their anxiety, depression, addiction, etc.

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